USAA routing number

USAA routing number

USAA is a company based in Texas, and it came together in 1920, Army members founded it, and they started to insure automobiles. Now they go from any insurance product imaginable. This company keeps a high strength and belongs to the world’s most famous and admired companies because of its reputation. This financial company provides insurance and planning investments into banking members of the honorable U.S army as well as their families. This very disciplines service manages money from the stems of military values and is well known because of its investment performance.

Usaa Bank Routing Number

USAA routing number or bank transit routing numbers are also called USAA Federal Saving Bank’s ABA number, is 314074269. These nine-digit code numbers are unique in the United States, and they are assigned to move funds electronically and identify one financial institution to another. These numbers are also located on your deposit slips and checks. You may also call customer support at 210-531-USAA (or 210-531-8722) or at 800-531-USAA (or 800-531-8722), so they can help you find your number.

Routing numbers can be found printed on the lower bottom, on the left corner of your checks. These numbers were assigned in a systematic way which shows the geographical location of the bank and the internal handling by the Federal Reserve.

These numbers are used to move funds and wire transfers through the credit union. It makes checking easier and hassle free which is very convenient for customers, through this checking clients will save money or invest it in better usage. The reason of this is because it does not involve any monthly fees nor do they have maintenance costs, no matter the balance.

More information can be found if you visit their website at or you can also mail them to the following address:

USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio
TX, 78288-9876

The US Federal Reserve will provide a unique ABA number to each financial institution so that moving funds electronically from one bank to the other bank or any financial institutions will be easier and save some time or any hassle it implies. These numbers are called Bank Transit Route Numbers (USAA routing number) or ABA Numbers. The name of the account holder can be found on the upper left corner of your check, where the name of the financial institution is (on the lower left corner).

The check number is provided twice on the check, so there is no chance of missing it (on the right-side-up and down). In each check, you will locate numbers printed electronically. The 1rst nine-digit code will include the bank USAA routing number or the ABA transit number. Swift codes are used for money transfer between the banks, but USAA does not provide or have a Swift Code. It is necessary to contact the bank that will be receiving before making any money movements or transactions to that particular International Bank.

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