Geico Customer Service phone number

Geico Customer Service phone number

Geico is an insurance company that inaugurated operations from 1936, and it specializes in providing high-quality car insurance services for its customers in the United States and overseas for over 80 years. It also has been providing insurance for motorcycle and personal property. It holds an esteemed position of having 97% customer satisfaction.

Geico allows numerous quotes for its clients. Following are some tips and pros of Geico’s quotes:

  • Get a quote by visiting the website:
  • You can get a personalized car insurance quote in less than 15 minutes
  • The quotes are free and you can save up to $500 or more on your insurance.
  • The process is very easy, all you have to do is give your basic personal information along with the zip code to get a quote.

The insurance industry is a leading, most common technical industry in the tertiary sector of an industry. When providing such services, it is critical to personally communicate with the potential customers to increase customer loyalty and solve any queries.

Geico does the same job with its customer service. All the problems, questions, and queries of the clients can be solved through Geico’s customer service phone number.

Details about customer service:

Geico’s customer service phone number is 800-861-8380. The customer service is available for 24 hours and seven days in the week. The customers can call at any time for advice or information according to their convenience. There would be no inconvenience of not being able to call in an emergency at midnight because it Geico’s customer service would always be at your service. A complimentary benefit of our customer phone services is that the general 3-minute wait has been eliminated, you would at all times be connected with our workers on the phone, so there you can use time productively rather than waiting on the phone and listening to music, waiting for someone to respond to you. You can talk to Geico’s customer service through your phone or your browser.

The toll-free numbers of Geico are given below:

  • 800-861-8380 (Customer service)
  • 800-841-3000 (Customer service)
  • 800-841-3005 (Claims)
  • 800-395-1200 (Homeowners insurance)
  • 866-238-6902 (Motorcycle insurance)

Reviews and ratings:

Geico has generally been rated by many of its users and consumers at an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, but there have been specified reviews and rankings of each of the category of insurance services that Geico provides. The rankings are as follows:

  1. RV insurance: 5 stars with 283 reviews
  2. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: 5 stars with 128 reviews
  3. Emergency Road Service: 4.5 stars with 1,222 reviews
  4. Car Insurance: 4.5 stars with 12,911 reviews
  5. Auto Repair Express: 4.5 stars with 1,643 reviews

The rankings and the reviews of Geico are very promising, and the 90% of the reviewers recommend Geico to other people. It maintains a sturdy quota of avid customers.

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